What Are the Best MMA Blogs to Follow in 2019?

When you want to get your fix of MMA news, there are three main points to consider when choosing a blog that covers the sport. Firstly, it needs to be up-to-date and fast on covering stories and fight cards. Then you want the blog to be a reliable source of information and not one that relies on hearsay and unscrupulous news.

. In addition to these two aspects, the blog should also feature proficient writers that can produce informative, engaging and creative articles.

Taking all that into account, below is a selection of the best MMA blogs to follow in 2019.

MMA Fighting

One of 300+ blogs under the SB Nation banner, MMA Fighting delivers professionalism and volume in equal measure. The blog averages over 50 posts a week, ensuring readers always have something to consume when on the website. MMA Fighting also possesses one of the biggest MMA-related YouTube channels, with extensive coverage, interviews and weekly shows helping to bolster the blog’s overall content.


When it comes to getting the latest MMA news, Fightful is one of the best options on the market. Also covering other combat sports in the form of boxing and professional wrestling, Fightful is a website that has built its reputation on dropping news and reports instantly. Along with other treats such as exclusive interviews, podcasts, and videos being brought to the table, and you can see why so many MMA aficionados dine out at Fightful.

Bloody Elbow

Another representative of the SB Nation, Bloody Elbow has long been established as one of the best places on the Internet to enjoy in-depth MMA articles. As well as providing the latest news as expected, it is Bloody Elbow’s library where it distinguishes itself from others on this list. Via the library, readers can sample everything from grappling guides to the history of MMA from some of the most knowledgeable MMA journalists in the game.


If your interest in MMA only extends to the UFC, you can’t go wrong with their official website. As you would expect from the access they have, the UFC’s website is always up-to-date with the latest news and exclusives. In addition, the website is home to the UFC’s official rankings, unparalleled video coverage, fighter profiles, and more.

MMA Junkie

MMA Junkie is one of the most prominent blogs that revolves around mixed martial arts. Not only does it fire out regular articles that cover the UFC and other organizations, but it boasts other rich content like fighter profiles, rankings, and videos. For those that want to chat with other hardcore fans, MMA Junkie also has the advantage of its popular forum – a safe haven from the more casual audience social media attracts.