Founded back in 2008 by Bjorn Rebney, Viacom’s subsidiary Bellator MMA is based in Santa Monica, Ca, USA. The franchise has already earned a name for itself as a viable alternative to the Ultimate Fighting Championship, or UFC, which currently is the largest MMA organization in USA.

Bellator vs UFC – Key Differences

In a head-to-head comparison with UFC, Bellator is, for the time being at least, the underdog. It’s got fewer fighters and a smaller number of divisions than UFC. Its top fighters are also fewer, if compared with UFC’s pool of stars. In a nutshell, the most obvious difference between the two MMA organizations appears to be the roster size.

Regarding ownership, Bellator, as said above, is owned by Viacom, while UFC is owned and operated by William Morris Endeavor Entertainment LLC.

Viacom is still struggling to inject enough cash into Bellator, so as to enable its subsidiary to claim a larger market share and expand its talent pool. In other words, Bellator is still financially weaker than UFC.

Experts have agreed that UFC is more performance oriented, while Bellator’s tournaments and fight shows are meant for the fans. By the way, some fans say that the bouts featured by Bellator are far more interesting than UFC’s.

Can Bellator Really Take on UFC?

For the time being, at least, Bellator is far from being a full-fledged rival of UFC. As I see it, its most important function currently is to break UFC’s monopoly in the sector of MMA competitions. And in that Bellator is obviously successful.

UFC commentator Joe Rogan sees more than one benefit for the fighters in the competition between his current employer and Bellator. For him, the most important thing is that Bellator fighters are enjoying their time in the ring.

Final Words on Bellator vs UFC Rivalry

As said above, the most important role of the competition between these two MMA organization is that it prevents the bigger one, UFC, from monopolizing the sector entirely. Whether Bellator will grow as big as UFC, only time will tell.